Local communities & indigenous peoples : inclusive research in practice

Organisé par : ULB

  • This colloquium, raises questions concerning the way in which local communities and indigenous peoples are included in academic disciplines. This event aims to compare perspectives from different fields (to include archaeology, environmental studies, biology, political and social sciences) and focuses on two distinct geographical regions : Africa and the Americas.

    Program :

    • The Voices in Collaborative - Research Practices.
    • Human Rights of Indigenous. Peoples in Chile : Intellectual Property, Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge.
    • Local Communities and Archaeological Research in Burkina Faso : Between Methodological Need and Danger of Political and Ideological Manipulation and Recuperation.
    • Storytelling for Development : Using Indigenous Literature as Intervention in Community Health Settings.
    • Workshop : Traditional Knowledge : Research in Practice.
    • Workshop : What does Collaboration Mean ? Constructing Common Research Agendas.
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